Hoover Fire Department Training Division

The Hoover Fire Department Training Division currently consists of a Training Chief (Nathan Hinds) and Training Officer (Ben Reynolds). The Training Division is responsible for several different aspects of the Hoover Fire Department. The training division expands to include safety, physical fitness, health and wellness, equipment purchasing, personal protective gear, on duty injuries, development of continuing education materials, officer development, ISO required training, and state certification training.

Hoover Fire Department follows an annual training outline that includes mutual aid departments and NFPA 1410 Evolutions. The training division host several state certification classes each year through the Alabama Fire College and certifies not only Hoover Firefighters but firefighters from different areas of the country. Hoover Fire Department offers several different services to include technical rescue and hazardous materials operations. We perform monthly technical rescue training in the areas of rope rescue, confined space, vehicle extrication, swift water, trench rescue, structural collapse and wild-land search. Over 90% of the employees are certified Hazardous Materials Technicians and receive hazardous materials training throughout the year.

Safety is top priority of our personnel and health and wellness coincide with safety. The department operates under the guidance of NFPA 1500 Fire Department Occupational Safety and Health Program. With this guidance the department has established a physical fitness program that includes stretching, mobility, strength and endurance. Every employee is provided a mobile application for their cell phone that lists department developed workouts and means of tracking their own progress. A weekly dietary publication is also sent to all employees that provides healthy eating options and recipes for a week’s worth of meals.

Mental health and wellness is being addresses by the implementation of a peer assistance program that was developed by the International Association of Fire Firefighters. The members of the peer assistance program are trained on how to direct employees looking for assistance to the options provided by the fire department as well as the City of Hoover.