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Equal Opportunity Employer

The City of Hoover is dedicated to providing equal opportunity for employment to all applicants without regard to race, color, religion, creed, gender, national origin, age, disability, marital or veteran status, or any other protected status.


As of 11/18/2014, the minimum starting pay for the position of Firefighter with the City of Hoover is $ 16.24 per hour, or $ 43,909.80 annually. The maximum base rate pay is $ 26.49 per hour or $ 71,614.40 annually.

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Firefighter I and II issued by the Alabama Personnel Standards Commission, and not have any obligations to a current or past employer under the Alabama Personnel Standards Commission rules.
  2. Licensed Paramedic in the State of Alabama.
  3. Ability to pass a NFPA-1582 medically required physical for Firefighters and all other City of Hoover pre-employment requirements.
  4. Possession of a valid driver’s license and the ability to obtain/maintain a City of Hoover driver’s permit.
  5. Ability to comply with the Hoover Fire Department Grooming Standards Policy

Examples of Duties

Responds to all types of rescue, fire suppression, medical, and non-medical emergency calls, and implements actions required to save lives and property, and protect the environment; operates standard fire suppression, rescue and medical equipment safely and efficiently to achieve desired outcomes while adhering to departmental policies and applicable State or local laws and protocols; performs routine and preventive maintenance of City equipment, facilities and vehicles; following demonstration of competence, drives City vehicles as assigned in a safe manner; participates in non-emergency activities such as fire prevention inspections, public education programs, and public relations events; receives and responds to citizen requests for general information or assistance; monitors departmental radio transmissions and telephones; completes all required reports; performs other duties as directed

Benefits Include

  • Annual salary increases with a satisfactory performance review
  • Education incentives for Associates, Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate Degrees from accredited colleges
  • Promotional opportunities
  • 24 hours on duty, 48 hours off duty schedule
  • Employee benefit package
  • Advanced training opportunities
  • Alabama State Retirement system
  • Tuition reimbursement (for accredited colleges)
  • Health benefits (Blue Cross Blue Shield medical and dental)
  • Bilingual pay incentive

Firefighter Examination Information

Qualified candidates will be scheduled to participate in a written examination. Candidates will be sent notification stating an assigned date, time and location. Candidates passing the written examination will be placed on an eligibility list and will be eligible for consideration for employment with the Hoover Fire Department. Selected candidates will be further screened through an interview (or interviews) in order to evaluate related experience, certifications, and special training.  Firefighter candidate finalists must successfully pass a fire-related physical agility test, background investigation, psychological and medical examination.

This list of applicants will be valid from the date of the examination until the needs of the City dictate otherwise.

Apply Online

If you need assistance during the application process, please contact an HR Representative at (205)444-7549, or email us at humanresources@ci.hoover.al.us. Computers are available in our lobby for the completion of your application.

Human Resources Department is located at 100 Municipal Lane • Hoover, AL 35216

Job Task

There are eight (8) job related tasks to be completed during the applicant job task screening. Each task must be completed in its entirety before proceeding to the next task. Failure to complete a task will disqualify an applicant. If the applicant fails to complete any of the tasks in its entirety the applicant will be given an additional attempt to complete the task. Career firefighters are also required to perform and pass this job task on a yearly basis.

The applicant/firefighter wearing full protective clothing without mask will climb an extension ladder placed into the third story window of the drill tower. The applicant/firefighter will enter the third floor window and will exit down the stairs and out of the drill tower.( Physical abilities measured : leg strength, endurance, grip strength and flexibility)
The applicant/firefighter, wearing full protective clothing without mask (total 47 lbs) shall carry a standpipe package ( two rolled sections of 1-1/2” fire hose in a bag) up the stairs to the fourth floor of the drill tower, lace the hose package on the floor and climb the fixed ladder to the roof. The applicant/firefighter will then descend the fixed ladder to the fourth floor. Once on the fourth floor the applicant/firefighter shall pick up the standpipe package and continue down the drill tower stairs and exit through the door at ground level. ( Physical abilities measured : leg strength, endurance, back strength and cardiovascular endurance)
The applicant/firefighter wearing full protective clothing without SCBA will lift and carry a coiled section of 1-1/2” fire hose (16 lbs) . The applicant/firefighter will then walk a balance beam to one point and return to the starting point without stepping off the beam. The total distance will be 75 feet ( Physical abilities measured: balance and coordination)
The applicant/firefighter wearing full protective clothing without SCBA will carry or drag the rescue mannequin ( 165 lbs) a distance of 75 feet. ( Physical abilities measured: arm grip and strength, , back and leg strength, flexibility, endurance)
Two dry coiled sections of 2-1/2” fire hose will be placed side by side five feet from the hose shelf. The applicant/firefighter wearing full protective clothing without SCBA will pick up one section of 2-1/2” fire hose, step up on the bench and place the fire hose flat on the rack. The applicant/firefighter will return to the floor and to the second section of 2-1/2” hose and repeat the task. ( Physical abilities measured : leg and arm strength, coordination and balance, leg strength, flexibility)
The applicant/firefighter wearing full protection clothing without SCBA will pull a rolled 2-1/2” section of fire hose ( 38 lbs) by rope ( 8lbs.) from the ground into the fourth story window of the drill tower and then lower the rope and hose to the ground. The applicant /firefighter will use the “ hand over hand” method to accomplish this task and will not allow the rope to slide through their gloved hands. Backing up while pulling on the rope will not be permitted. ( Physical abilities measured : arm, hand grip and back strength)
The applicant/firefighter while wearing full protective clothing without SCBA will pick up the nozzle of a charged 1-1/2” fire hose line and pull ( advance) the charged fire hose forward a distance of 150 feet to a orange cone. ( Physical abilities measured: leg strength, power and endurance, arm & grip strength)
The candidate/firefighter while wearing full PPE without SCBA will take a 14’ roof ladder off of the mount and advance the roof ladder utilizing the shoulder carry to the roof prop and secure the ladder rungs to the roof ridge. The candidate/firefighter will climb the roof ladder carrying a flat head axe. The candidate /firefighter will strike the tire prop five (5) times with the flat end of the axe and return to the ground. The candidate/firefighter will then remove the roof ladder from the prop and return the ladder to the ladder storage rack.

All applicant/firefighters performing the Hoover Fire Department  Ability Job Task will have their vital signs, cardiac rate  and oxygen saturation rate measured before and immediately after the job task.